Monday, September 29, 2008

Time Flies

I am so embarrassed that it has been sooo long since I posted. What can I say other than life is crazy and I am slacker.

Two weeks ago we had some serious windstorms come through Evansville and we were without power on Sunday, September 14. It was kind of funny the first couple of days, but then it became tedious. We ran an extension cord from our church to our house ( we live next door) and plugged out fridge in, which was great. But at night there was nothing to do. We got the oil lamps out, but they don't have a lot of light. Kiley and I played Scrabble in the evenings, but most of the time we all just went to bed really early.

No wonder our forefathers got up at the crack of dawn.
I did come up with some positive side effects to having now power:

1. I did not have to do laundry.
2. Cooking was minimized.
3. I finished 4 books I had been reading.
4. I could not see the mess the kids had made.
5. We didn't know about Spencer's 'sprinkling' on the toilet seats. Eew.
6. Lee and I enjoyed candle light talks after the kids were in bed.

The Vectren trucks got to our street at about 1:30 a.m. on Friday (September 19, people) and at 2:45 the lights flickered on and then there was an explosion. I just kept praying that everyone was alright. Finally at 4:30 in the a.m. we had power! I was so happy I got up and checked my e-mail.


  1. Brave lady. I stayed with my parents!

  2. Power is out, party is on! Without power, no TV, and its suddenly OK to spend time on games, reading, etc. Hope you had fun.