Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lap Dancing

I teach at a local home school co-op,EduKids, which I love. We meet on Fridays and its just a great way to end our week. We offer three classes and a club option and have recently added a teen program.

While I love Fridays, after a long week I can be a little bit frazzled. In a good way, though. I am pretty flexible and don't mind jumping in anywhere I am needed. This past Friday, though, I was even more discombobulated that usual. I woke up 20 minutes before I needed to leave, all three kids were still asleep. I had to beg Lee to run to McDonald's (healthy, right?) so we had some sustenance. Not to mention I big cup of coffee that was entirely too hot to drink for an hour.

We made it to co-op with little arguing. After a little running around to make sure that teachers were situated I sat down to look over my lessons for my class, Spanish Culture with 1st and 2nd graders. We are making lap books. Last week we had learned about flamenco dancing so I thought that we could start by reviewing what we head learned about this beautiful Spanish tradition.

As the class came in and settled down I passed out their lap books. Then I asked:

"Who can tell me what we learned about lap dancing this week?"

I paused as I waited. The assistant, Shanna, quickly looked down. That's when I realized I had asked this group about lap dancing instead of flamenco dancing. My face turned bright red. Shanna and I had to try as hard as we could to keep from laughing.

I hope none of them asked their parents if they could google lap dancing.


  1. Oh my gosh...dying...I know you already told me this story but STILL.

  2. Too funny!

    And btw... I love lapbooks!

  3. Kara, I actually had several parents contact me appalled their young children were looking up lap dancing on their computers and how could I install parental controls! WHAT A JOKE! tehe <3