Friday, August 8, 2008

Ten Year Old

My oldest is 10 and half. She fits into the category created by advertising companies as 'tween'. Kiley is a very petite girl, but suddenly seems so very tall to me. Her front teeth, which at age 8 seemed enormous, are starting to look normal. Kiley has grown much over the summer and I can already see the young woman she is turning into. I seem to frustrate her more than usual these days yet I find her clinging to me at bed time. "Mama, just come lay with me for a few minutes," Kiley will say after a day of going round and round over how much computer time is acceptable.

It is so much fun watching her develop,answering her questions about life, God, and being famous. She loves to go bike riding with me, do yard work with me, and cook on her own. Kiley keeps asking when she can get her own cell phone (ha!) and if I believe she can be famous.

I remember when I was ten and the world seemed to be stretched just out of my reach. I longed for so many things - to be 'grown-up'; to be a famous writer; to be on a stage performing 'Annie'. Simultaneously I was terrified of leaving my parents, my bedroom that I loved, and the unseen future. What an exciting time in a young person's life!

Raising a ten-year old brings back the ache of that age, and while my fearful side wants to protect her, my God-given instinct tell me I need to help her embrace growing up. I know she still has a lot of childhood left but I can also taste the teenage years headed our way.

What changes have you been noticing in your kids?


  1. i have noticed she so badly wants to pray and be a minsiter. she wants to pray with everyone and wants everyone to pray with someone else! she wants so much to grow up and be like her dad it is not even funny! i wish she was older but i cannot wait to see how strong she is or could be when she grows up!

  2. Jarvis had really started to seem more grown up. He still throws crazy fits, but not as often. I can see him developing self control and more sweetness to his personality. Finally!

  3. I remember my ten year old singing “Annie”! Those were great times, with everyone running around the house making noise and a mess. I was never smart enough to worry about her future, but her mother made (makes!) up for both of us. Now Kiley is doing just as great with her YouTube rendition of “As I am”. Keep going, but don't go too fast!

    Time can be controlled by just stopping occasionally, turn off the activities, the TV, the radio, the cell phone, the computer, and future planning.