Friday, May 16, 2008

Winding Down

I have always loved a deadline. I feel like I work more efficiently when I have a goal (duh, right?). There is something about this time of year that can make me feel a little bit crazy. End of the year stuff, trying to finish up home school, making it to soccer games on time on top of keeping up with regular life.

Today we had our end of the year picnic with our home school co-op. It was so fun and relaxing! The kids and I have been working really hard to get our school work finished, Lee has been working on getting mission stuff together. After a rainy week we had absolutely gorgeous weather. A bunch of us made solar-heated ovens out of pizza boxes which worked nicely.

Now we're home cleaning and getting the house in order after a VERY busy couple of months. Good day to hang out with good friends!


  1. You're such a homeschool dork! Solar powered oven? C'mon.

    Okay, okay...I'm just jealous cause when I tried to make one (also to cook pizza, crazy enough) it didn't work.

  2. That's okay, I tried to get fancy with a link on this blog and it didn't work!

    And I am totally turning into a home school dork!