Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Yesterday morning I was awoken from a crazy dream to my little girls bringing my husband and I breakfast in bed. They didn't want their dad to feel left out! They brought cookie sheets covered with tea towels, flowers, an English muffin, and coffee (just the way I like it!). It was perfect.

That's my kind of Mother's Day. I don't want jewelery or fancy stuff. I want my kids to show me that I have made an impact on their lives. Seeing that they are thoughtful little people who know how to be kind and do things for other people is a great reward for hard work. When we start out as parents we cannot see the impact that we will have on our children's lives. In other words, the fruit is hard won. But at 10, 8, and 4 my kids astound me at their kindness, generosity, and humor. What's equally amazing is that my husband and I have played a role in their lives.

Mothering is hard work but so worth all of the transformation. What makes it worth it for you?


  1. i am glad you liked it
    love you!!!!!!

  2. All Cara wanted for mother's day was Wii Fit - but it doesn't come out till the 21st.