Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monday Observations on Tuesday

In case you didn't know, yesterday was Monday. It was Groundhog Day, but that really means nothing to me except that I did not print off any cute ground hog day activities for the kids to do. I did, however, let my boys watch the Wild Kratz and they talked about Groundhog Day so I'm considering my bases covered.

I don't know why but I like to sit in my van sometimes. It's quiet, I can pick my radio station without a lot of hassle and I can take naps. When I drop the kids off at lessons or meetings I often just bring a book and either read, or more often, take naps. The kids think it's completely weird that I just sleep in the car in front of piano teachers' houses, or during 4-H meetings, but I just feel so relaxed. I can adjust the lumbar thingy, I can recline as much as I need, the car is fairly well insulated against outside noise.

While I sat in the van I had some thoughts. Just a few, nothing profound, but thoughts nonetheless. The van really is my thinking place.

1. Mondays are just kind of blah days. It's not Monday's fault, really, but following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it's just kind of a downer. I'd like to fix this for Monday's sake. I think Monday mornings are going to become board game or arts and crafts day. I'll let you know if this does anything to cure Monday of being crappy.

2. Speaking of crappy, lately I am fond of bad words. I don't mean words like 'crappy' but rather their more ugly counterparts. I'm going to work on this. I figure if I share this publicly it will make me more accountable. I'm not judging other people who enjoy using bad words, either. I'm just saying that in my life I'd rather be known for saying things like 'Oh, sauerkraut," rather than 'Oh, (fill in the blank with whatever bad word happens to be your favorite, and don't pretend you don't have one). I've just noticed that people frequently use bad words in their common, every day conversations rather than to indicate extreme emotion. This should not be the case I tell you. So, while I'm not saying that I'll never use bad words again I am saying that I will save them for absolute worse case scenarios.

3. Libraries have always been and will remain some of my favorite places on the planet. They have a reputation for being quiet and stuffy and if that is your impression then you simply must go and revisit a library. Pick a small neighborhood library first, because there certainly are stuffy, quiet libraries out there. Libraries are amazing because regardless of education or income all are welcome to check out books FOR FREE! Free, I tell you! I am sad that at my former library I was able to check out 100 books and at my current library I am only able to check out 35. After sitting in the van thinking for a little while, though, I think this may be for the best.

4. Buying new lipstick me feel like a million bucks. Until, that is, I look in the rear view mirror to admire said new lipstick and notice that the color seems to only accentuate my mustache. Why does no one in my life feel the need to tell me that I have an inch long (DARK) hair in my mustache region? Why? (p.s. I am buying tweezers just to keep in the van. Perhaps I will do all of my grooming in the rear view mirror because we all know it has the best light)

5. A blue sky and white, fluffy clouds can improve one's mood no matter what the temperature is outside.

6. A sock hat on a hipster under the age of 28 looks very cute. On a 40 something me it just looks like she's hiding crazy hair under there, or crazy something, like a chipmunk. My 14 year old daughter told me that my new lipstick pulled it all together so there's that.

7. Homeschooling is really hard but really worth it. I suppose that goes for anything really hard like running a marathon, which seems super dumb to me. So maybe homeschooling seems dumb to somebody else but they like running marathons. It doesn't make one right and one wrong, it just means they're both equally hard. Yes, I am absolutely equating running a marathon to homeschooling because I think it's that hard. But again, focusing on the 'worth it' part.

8. No matter how organized the moving process starts it will end in chaos. Every. Single. Time. I have found my day planner and feel that life can go on, but I cannot find my spelling curriculum and it is keeping me awake at night. Wah.

9. When my family starts to get kind of nutty and thinking about going what I call "After School Special" on me we look at the 5 year old and pull ourselves together for him. God certainly knew what he was doing when he gave my husband and I our little last hoorah. Right now I have to stop writing because he has set up a grocery store in the living room and I have a very special hamburger to buy for 400 billion bucks.

Happy Tuesday, people! Thank God it's not Monday any more!

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  1. Well, for real, though... the sock hat looks super cute on a 40 something you.