Thursday, November 27, 2014


My visions of my future family always involved traditions. I did n't exactly know what those traditions would be, but I wanted things that we did every year to be really important.

So, we have Thanksgiving traditions like:

Roasting the turkey all night long on so that when we get out of bed we about want to clobber each other for a pinch.

Fires in the backyard (in a fire pit, thank you very much) that sometimes involve the neighbors calling 911.

Getting dressed up even though no one else is coming.

Using paper plates.  We are from Kentucky, yo.

In years past we've had other traditions that involved traveling all over creation and visiting family and eating multiple Thanksgiving meals, sometimes in one day.  That's the thing about traditions - they can cycle in and out. You make new ones, you alter them to fit your family, and sometimes you skip a tradition for a couple of years until someone says, "Hey, remember when we...".

This year I think my brother and I started a new tradition.  He and I are early risers and the rest of our people were sleeping in because they did not go to bed at 8:30 like I did.  Erik can be, shall we say talkative, and so I wanted to occupy his mouth so that he did not rouse any crankies from their beds too early.  He helped me make coffee.  We only had to recount how many scoops he had put in twice. He said he was going down to the basement and I could make him eggs.  He preceded to rock on to Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer until I flicked the lights at him, signaling that his breakfast was ready to be served.

While he ate we watched a Hallmark channel movie for the 45th time.

After eating eggs and toast we retired to my parents office where he sat in a recliner prepared to chill out with his iPad.  It's a little chilly in the room, and I noticed he had his feet covered. It looked pretty handy, honestly.  On closer inspection I realized that it was a sock hat and scarf.

"Is that what this for?"  I asked.

"Mmm hmmm. I'm pretty sure."

THIS is why I love hanging out with my brother.

I went to the laundry room to fetch him a blanket, and found an awesome dragon-print robe thingy that he said I could have.

Another reason that I love hanging out with him.  He totally gives me anything I want.

Then, because I felt that the robe deserved some martial arts action, I demonstrated my best moves for Erik.  He clapped and cheered and laughed until I told him my next move was to karate chop his hand drums in half.

"You're just kidding, Kara?"

"Yes, I'm just kidding, Erik."

Then he laughed, but the fake kind.

I laughed, the real kind.

So, this is my new Thanksgiving tradition. Erik and I will get up early and hang out and he'll watch me do martial arts and give me things that belong to my parents.

I think it's pretty perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving - go make some traditions!

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