Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week in Pictures

 This has been one of those weeks where ALL my plans were taken over by life.

We had a soccer tournament on Saturday. Can I admit that I was relieved when my son's team lost because it meant I could get home?

I wanted to get home because I needed a serious nap. Our four year old, Liam, was down with a virus and the middle of the night medicine doses were killing me. Also, worrying about my guy was wearing me out - then there was the worry that it was going to go through our whole family like the plague. The boy had an ear infection, throat infection, and probably a couple of viruses going on. Twice a day I get to make him scream like a maniac while forcing this stuff down. Good times.


I also got to go tot he doctor this week. It was kind of a day out for me after a week of taking care of a sick kiddo.  I mean I was by myself!  It was pretty exciting until the nurse asked me to get on the  scale.  Then it got exciting again when they left me in the exam room all alone.  I read my book for a bit but then succumbed to the two month old People magazine. I guilty threw it under the chair when my doc came in the room.
I had a piece of Bubble Yum, original flavor and could not help channeling my inner 13 year old. I even felt a little sassy so I spit my gum out before the doctor came in.

My Mother's Day flowers.

 Me after a long night with Liam.

One of our knock out roses.

So, all the sick and ick got me feeling down because our house has been pretty crazy for the last month year. I feel like we've not quite gotten settled since we moved almost a year ago. There are STILL boxes in a closet and my homeschool stuff is in complete chaos. I was planted on the couch with Liam for so many days that things like the fact that our t.v. has a huge orange extension cord running to it started to make me crazy. So Monday the kids and I started working on decluttering, deep cleaning, and decorating - all while the big kids were starting to come down with Liam's super virus. THEY ARE AMAZING KIDS!
How is my girl able to drive? What the heck?

Sad but cute.

There is just something sad about a sick kid. Can I confess something, though? Sometimes, when my most active children are sick, I experience a moment of glee. Maybe even a couple moments of glee. I can put them on the couch with a movie one, without guilt, while I cook and clean and organize, actually completing a whole task at a time.

This time wasn't really like that though, because little man was so sick he didn't want to be alone. Very sad.

We live a few blocks from the Ohio River, so going down and seeing what great things the boys can scavenge is a favorite activity. These pictures were taking just a day or two before the virus took my people down.


Liam will NEVER walk on the pavement here - only on these rocks.  He says it's our tradition. I'm not about to argue with a kid who wants to blaze his own path.

It's good for me to remember the good. I can get a little overly focused on the  bad, like the orange extension cord.  I need to remember that the  sun is always there, even if I cannot see it. 


  1. Nice! Get healthy! Remember, these are some of the greatest times ever.

  2. Hi Kara,

    May Liam and the rest of your family feel better soon. Never fun to be sick huh? So, what book were you reading at the doc's office? Any favorites lately?

    Re your comment on my post "What Captain America and Superman Knew But We're Still Learning," Kara, how fun to hear from you! :) yes, I agree with you. Writing too makes me hum and get excited -- both the written word and the spoken word. I love studying topics and then refining how to best present them to others. I learn so much more than anyone in that, and I am convinced of God's transformative power. He is so kind and good.

    May God use your writing and teaching in exciting ways this year, Kara. May he line up opportunities for you to use your skills for him in the next few months, in fact!

    Jennifer Dougan