Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hand Towels

For reasons beyond my control, I have always desired to have beautiful hand towels.  I feel that hand towels are a symbol of a home well put together, a home where visitors may wash their hands and be assured that they are drying them on a clean, germ-free surface.

As it is, hand towels are a rare find in the Shepherd home. Well, it's rare to find one in the bathroom.

You may find one in the backyard covered in mud and grass because it was used to clean the sidewalk. 

You may find two or three under the couch, in an attempt to hide a spill that was hastily cleaned.

You may find one in the kitchen sink, having been used to wash rocks in a soup pot.

You will not, however, find one hanging on the towel rack next to the sink.

I have had so many conversations with my family concerning hand towels and my deep need for them to be available. They listen and nod their heads at the appropriate moment, but true knowledge does not appear to be imparted. Sometimes, in an effort to appease me, they leave a wash cloth where the towel should be. Usually it's a dirty washcloth.

Once, someone left a paper towel. Not the roll, mind you, just a single paper towel.  A few weeks ago I entered the children's bathroom to find a glob of wet toilet paper waiting for me in the sink.

"What the heck?"  I asked the kids.

"I was trying to dry my hands,"  a child answered, and pointed to the roll of soggy toilet paper resting on top of the towel rack where the hand towel should be.

" Gah!!"  I moaned in exasperation.

"We're sorry mom,"  my four children said in unison. "We'll do better."

There were so many excuses.  They don't know where the hand towels are, or which ones they should use, or if I prefer matching ones. As if we have matching hand towels.

The last three times I've gone into their bathroom there's been a t-shirt limply hanging on the rack.

I figure at least it's effort on their part.

The other day I was showering when I remembered what I had forgotten: my towel.

I hollered for one of the kids to bring me a towel.

Guess what one of them threw me?

Yep, a hand towel.


  1. Thanks for the smiles, you are a phenomenal writer with a great attention to details, details that had me laughing at the soggy toilet tissue, and a single paper towel hanging where the hand towels should be! :)
    Boys will be boys is what my grandmother would always tell me. I am sure you are having more fun than you could wrap my mind around with those four boys. I'm still looking for a book written by you called " A Mother's Adventures".

  2. LOve love love as always !!!! xoxoxo