Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You Know You're Tired When....

It's been one of those days, for sure. Really, it's been one of those seasons. I thought I was so prepared for the start of our school year. I thought I was so organized.

Then August hit, and something exploded. Well, several things exploded. Our calendar looks nuts. All those things we said yes to back in July are jumping around September, October, November, and December just taunting me with naa-naaa-naa-naaa-boo-boos.  My weekly meal planning fell by the wayside and my family found themselves having LOTS of taco nights.  Sleep is something I remember fondly but can't seem to recall how to do it as well as my children or dogs.  Yesterday I found myself stumbling around the house moving piles of paper from one spot to another, but not really accomplishing anything.

 So, to distract myself from doing real work I came up with this clever list, sadly based on real events in my life yesterday:

You Know You're Tired When.....

* You think your vision is blurry, but in actuality you have your contacts in the wrong eyes.

* You are searching for your mug of tea, in order to reheat it AGAIN, after forgetting about it AGAIN, and allowing it to go cold AGAIN.  You give up the search and move on to a new mug, open the microwave to heat that mug up and find your cup of tea that you were reheating AGAIN.

* You go to the grocery store, remember your quarter AND your reusable bags, get the shopping done with two boys in tow. You load up, come home, and promptly forget the groceries in the back of your van, and don't remember them for two hours.

*You find yourself slurring your words while reading aloud to your toddler.

* You remind your children to practice their musical instruments.  Five minutes into practicing you tell them you can't take the noise. Ten minutes after they stop you remind them to practice their instruments. Five minutes into practicing you tell them you can't take the noise.

* You find yourself licking coffee out of the now-empty bag.

* You revert to self-soothing by mindlessly looking through Pinterest, earnestly pinning activities and recipes that you will probably never get to.

*While perusing Pinterest you agree with your husband that ordering a pizza is the best plan for dinner, but have no memory of agreeing. "You were even really friendly about it,"  my poor husband said.

* Some poor soul calls your home for a survey of some kind but can't get a word in edgewise because you've got your own questions, such as, "Do you know how tired I am?"  "Do you know that I do not want to make dinner one more night?" "Do you know what really happens when my children say they are going to help fold laundry?"  You may or may not be crying hysterically.

* You make it to the end of the day only to realize that only one armpit received deodorant, and that you have been the bad smell that followed you everywhere you went.

Got anything to add?


  1. lol I am feeling this, me...the organized one! I can now say I understand. More. than. ever. now. Homeschooling is exhausting and takes every ounce of my mental and physical and emotional capabilities! Now, my big question is how to homeschool moms blog about their homeschool!!!! I can't understand that, but I am only 5 weeks into this adventure!

  2. You know u r tired when all u want to do is crawl in a bedroom window, sit on your bed alone, and eat fried chicken. You know ur tired when u cant find the fried chicken because an hour ago your lovely friens moves the chicken 6 inches from where it was last left. You know u r tired when cereal is a dinner idea. You know u r tired when having your kid watch 8 hrs of tv instead of reading another book seems like a brilliant stroke of genius. You know u r tired when the shows ur two yr old watches are dramatic, interesting, and you cant figure how how the story will end so u r pins and needles waiting to see gow this episode of thomas the tank engine ends!!!!!

  3. I have done almost all of these! The tea reheating... that was me at least a dozen times last winter. And okay, this one isn't mine, but a close friend just posted on Facebook: "After being 99% done shopping at Walmart I realized I didn't have my wallet/phone/keys. I'd left them in the car with it running." Now, THAT is a frazzled mom.