Friday, September 14, 2012

Psalm of the Uninspired Cook

 Trust in God for meal planning

O, Lord! Where are you?
   Can't you hear me in my kitchen
Not knowing what to cook for my family
   Who feel that we eat chicken all the time?
How long must I wait for inspiration, Lord?
   God, I have searched Pinterest for hours,
To no avail!

My husband, whom you have given me as a helpmate,
   Has only questions, no answers!
My children, they are after me like jackals 
   Hunting their prey;
I hide in the pantry, the laundry room
   But still they find me!
Save me O God!

I exhort thee, Lord! You have seen me suffer,
   Gnashing my teeth as I search for cumin, or even
Lemon pepper - I beg you to keep us safe from 
   Hamburger Helper!
In terror I cringe from boxed foods,
   I hide my face from fast food!
O Lord how I long for manna from heaven!

You  alone know how I search for recipes,
   How I go to the store seeking the best deals,
The healthiest foods, which you lovingly supply!
   To you, O God, I will give all praise
I trust in you alone for helping me
   Figure this out.
I wait on you, O Lord!


  1. Hot dogs! Bring on the Hot Dogs!

  2. Amen! I think I shall print this out and post it on mine fridge.