Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Redeeming St. Valentine

So, if you read my previous post about Valentine's Day, you know its not my favorite.  Here are some links to wonderful writings and stories that make me feel a little mushy and gushy inside.

Kat has a Valentine for Christ over at her blog.  Click here to give her a visit.

Spark People has an inspirational story of a couple that lost a combined 285 pounds here.

For anyone having an angry Valentine's Day, rock out to this song.

Here is a sweet song, though, by the Civil Wars.  Makes me want to dance with my honey.

One of my absolutely favorite blogs right here.

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  1. I had a wonderful Valentine's day and then you introduced me to Dance Me To The End Of Love. You little fire starter! I had to go get John and dance with him. I love the lyrics. Thanks & Blessings.