Saturday, October 8, 2011

Homeschool Peeps

I read quite a few blogs during my *loads of free time. The one I've been visiting most recently is The Joys of Homeschooling. It's a great blog for homeschoolers. The author, Shawon, is having a give away, so go take a look. Just click on the name of the blog, it'll turn purple when you pass the mouse over it, and you'll land at the post. Look around her blog for a little bit, too, though. She's got amazing organizing skills as well as excellent links to other helpful sights. Today her post offered quite a bit of encouragement to me.

So, what are your favorite blogs?

*sarcasm used fluently here


  1. I think your link is missing the : after the http. Or I'm a dolt.

    I like that blog! Thanks for sharing it. I like that she breaks down how they spend their day. And doesn't have a whole gaggle of children looking perfectly presentable in pressed slacks and braided hair. :) (not that homeschooling blogs ever do that...).

  2. Heather - you were right. :) I think I fixed it. How did you know that??? I have really enjoyed that blog a lot, and I'm glad that you did too.