Friday, October 7, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Here's my list for the week:

The Good: Listening to my kids play a board game while in another room. I love hearing the oldest explain the rules, mostly with patience, to the younger two. My heart swells as our middle daughter helps the youngest along in the game. Hearing my youngest guy get excited over understanding the nuances of the game is thrilling. The chatter that goes on, subjects discussed, secrets shared. It is a true pleasure to hear their relationships forming. I pray that they are life long friends!

The Bad: Falling into bed at night, and just as I settle into the best spot on my pillow having a worry hit me like a hammer. Worry that I didn't do my best, worry that one of my children felt that they didn't measure up, worry that choices I made weren't the right ones. It doesn't happen every night, but once a week is enough to be bad.

The Ugly: Taking the last gulp out of a water bottle only to get a mouthful of food that the baby left behind. That is ugly.

So what makes your list of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?


  1. Great list idea.

    Good: pronto pup.

    Bad: strange liquid sloshing up onto my leg at the fall festival.

    Ugly: insomnia.

  2. Good: teaching michael to enjoy/learn how to pour

    Bad: teaching him to do it with cornmeal (because its messy)

    Ugly: when your 11 mo old crawls out of his room, opens the bin, starts pouring it everywhere, and grabbing big handfuls and throwing it everywhere, in the hallway

  3. Heather - insomnia is the worst! Also, I have to agree about pronto pups!

    Roger - you really love being a daddy, don't you. Now get all your bins off of his level because the madness is just beginning. ;)

  4. I put the pictures of this endeavor on is now currently sitting outside on our porch, never to be brought in the house again!