Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Passive Aggressive

So, apparently I am a little passive aggressive.

My 13 year old daughter has some unique fashion choices, which I love. But recently a pair of her jeans became so ripped and torn that I did not want her to wear them any longer. Not to they were EXTREMELY small. I wanted them gone. I lovingly suggested that she remove the offending pants from her wardrobe. They kept resurfacing from the sea of clothing surrounding the island of her bed.

I again came across the raggedy blue jeans the other day. I examined them, and still found them lacking any saving qualities. So I threw them behind the dryer. No one ever looks there.

Yesterday Kiley asked if anyone had seen them. I kept silent. She looked me in the eye and questioned, "Mom, do you know where my pants are? The ones you hate?"

"Nope, I haven't seen them," I lied. I LIED!! I lied to my daughter.

I won't say I had a crisis of conscience but I will say that I was troubled. How could I lie to her? It was easier, I must say, than having an emotion wrought conversation about why the jeans were no longer welcome in our home. The only thing I could think was this is how it begins: hiding the truth from my kids so that I avoid their (insert any emotion here). If I had a problem telling my daughter I didn't want her wearing a certain pair of jeans where would I stop?

This morning I knew that I had to come clean with the dirty jeans situation. I called Kiley in and told her that I lied about the jeans. I told her that I knew where they were. I told her that I didn't ever want to see them on her body again and that I would be willing to cut the back pocket off for a sentimental keepsake.

"What? Where are they? I KNEW you had done something with them!" She was kind of giggling, though.

And now she's moved on. Plotting a room rearrangement with her sister. Jeans all but forgotten. Truth told, battle won.

Thank goodness. I thought she was going to ask if I had been lying about babies being born in cabbage patches.


  1. at least now you understand her maneuver to rub bacon grease all over her pants then have the dogs play fetch with them haha so it appears there are two sly ladies living under your roof . . .

  2. LOVE the new fall background, you are so classy !!!

  3. Thankfully I did get my pants back after reading this! hahahaaa! :)