Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's 68th birthday! That's my dad and me in the photo to the left when I was a baby, and on my wedding day at the bottom. My dad and I are separated by 30 short years, and every year that gap seems to close a little. These days Dad feels more like a friend than a parent to me. I am blessed by his wisdom and humility and get the biggest kick out of making him laugh. Nothing is better than watching him with my own children - have I mentioned that he's also a wonderful grandfather? Dad and I love to plan road trips (even if we may never take them) and taking long walks.

I have never been more grateful to celebrate a birthday with my father, though. He began battling colo-rectal cancer in May, and while his diagnosis was mostly positive, there were moments when I envisioned what my life would be like if he were suddenly gone. So I want to thank Dad now for the man he has been in my life.

Dad, thanks for teaching me that I can do anything. Thanks for reminding me not to complain - especially about my husband. Thanks for teaching me about forgiveness by apologizing when you made mistakes. Thanks for teaching me what love looks like by loving my mom so well. Thanks for showing me that letting go of something I think I can't live without always frees up space for something I will love even more. Thanks for showing me what a God centered life looks like. Thanks for reminding me that I don't need you to fix everything. Thanks for always letting me know that my best was good enough. Thanks for always being on my team. Thanks for making what I thought would be 'old' look pretty darn good!

Most of all, Dad, thanks for having this birthday. I love you.


  1. ahhhh beautifully written. hug him while you still can.

  2. beautiful, touching, & powerful! what a special father for a special ladie !!!

  3. he is a great man and you are a great wife and i love you very much!