Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Dog

I have this dog, Pippin, who I love. She is corgi/border collie, maybe. We rescued her a few almost 7 years ago. She isn't the best dog, but she's great with the kids, extremely obedient and loves me even when I'm cranky. Don't worry, I'm not going to all 'Marley and Me' on you. But this dog will lay outside the bathroom door waiting for me because I am her alpha. She has sweet velvety brown eyes and ears that are floppy.

However, Pippin has an odor about her that is best described as rank. It doesn't matter how often I bathe her, she just smells. It's kind of her thing. I have a love seat in my kitchen that she has been trying to take over. We don't let her on the furniture, but I know she was sitting on it when we weren't in the room. I know because if I, or anyone else, sat on said loveseat for any amount of time the smell of the dog the smell was ever present.

So I got her a bed. I can't believe I paid money for a dog bed. I usually look at pet stores and feel shame at the plethora of decadent pet products. However, I wanted to save my couch. So I brought the bed home and have never seen my pooch happier. And my couch is smelling better!


  1. She looks reallt comfortable and happy now!

    Plus it will save you the hair and smell on your couch.

    It is great that you rescued a dog.

  2. You know.... I'm not sure I've ever seen Pippen. He's pretty darn cute. :)

  3. oh she looks so so happy!!!