Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've been riding bikes with my kids all week long. Loving it! I had started to feel a little old and crotchety at the ripe age of 34. Looks like bike riding was a cure I had been overlooking. I've even been sneaking out by myself in the mornings and riding while I enjoy not having to look out for little people.

As a kid I spent hours on my bike with a couple of friends. There is not much better than feeling the wind in your hair after pumping really fast. I find that I still enjoy zigzagging around, too.

I am shopping for a different bike, though. One with a wider seat. I fear it looks like my behind is eating the seat I currently sit on.

Go ahead, laugh. I do.


  1. Hi, well the last part was really funny inded. =)
    I'm learning english and your blog help with practice reading.

    good blog.

  2. I think bikeriding is the new female midlife crisis - Cara and one of our neighbors are into it (although Cara tried to build her bike first).

  3. The new female midlife crisis! Or for those of us who are bladder handicapped, lol. I, however, have no desire to put a bike together. That sounds like Cara.

  4. Marcelo,I am glad that you enjoyed my. Good luck in learning English! And I hope you go bike riding soon. Come back soon. :)

  5. Well, I do bikeriding in the gym...
    I have started to go to the gym this week...
    But I think that fixed bike has another name that I don't know in english...
    Keep Blogging!

    Regards from Argentina