Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Misadventures

Well, we made it through three weeks of two Christmas pageants, four Christmas parties, three days of wrapping, one day of sewing, three days of traveling to four different homes while eating WAY too much. We are all still speaking, the children behaved beautifully, and my husband and I are possibly more in love than ever. How did we accomplish this feat?

By letting go. I let go of pushing to make everything perfect and decided it was more fun to bake cookies than have perfectly wrapped gifts. It was okay that my home did not look like something out of a magazine. Rather than buy sparkled dresses that would break our budget I took pride in our seven year standing proudly in front of the congregation singing carols in her multi-colored outfit topped off with brown cow girl boots! Our son wore his new superman pajamas under his clothes for three days and it just made me smile each time he wanted to show someone that he was a superhero. I even let my oldest child roller blade without (gasp) a helmet! (Not that I advocate not wearing helmets, we just didn't bring ours with us :))

This Christmas I, and consequently my family, was blessed with the gift of contentment!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me! :)