Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today in Home School Land

Today we have accomplished a lot. Really, over the last six weeks we've achieved many of the goals that we've set. On this day, though, the girls got up at six a.m. to serve breakfast with their Dad. They came home and did some chores at around 7:30. We sat down for Bible study and breakfast at 8. We're reading through Matthew together. Good stuff. I took Spencer to funny is that? I home school but send my three-year old to school. I have to be able to get something done a couple of days a week, though.

While Spencer was at school Kiley went to work with her Dad and did math and handwriting. I mopped the floor while Laurel went through part of her reading lesson. Then Laurel and I went on a walk together. It was so much fun looking at leaves, and my middle-child daughter needed that special attention. We came home, picked up Kiley, and worked on math for a while longer. Then it was time to bring Spencer home. I fixed lunch, then went to the grocery.

Now Spencer is napping, the girls are happily making Thanksgiving cards, and I'm checking out all of my favorite blogs. We'll do our history work and some more reading next.

Today I am thankful for hard work.

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  1. Congrats! It does feel so good to get things done, huh?