Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boy Stuff

This boy of mine cracks me up! He loves to lounge in his underwear (is this genetic?), can't get enough of bugs, has more energy than I find possible to deal with, and attracts dirt like white on rice. Last week as I was picking up his room I was hit by a powerful smell. After much sniffing his sisters and I figured out that the source was located in one of the hollow bedposts. Gross. A flashlight revealed a fluid pooled in the bottom of the bed post.

"Spencer, did you put something in there?" I asked.
"Do you mean the old soy cheese that I didn't like?" he returned.
"Why would you put that in there?" Why am I asking a three-year old questions like this?
"Well, I didn't want it. It's not good." So matter of fact. That's what everyone does with cheese that they don't like; find a hole to stuff it in.

I did the only thing I could think of. I stuffed a bandanna in the opening to trap the smell. I'm going to clean it soon.


  1. LOL...

    My mom was recently talking about how she found old vitamins stuff up plastic finger puppets when we were kids.

    My brother was the culprit.


  2. Oh my goodness, that is my Spencer!!! That is the funniest thing I have read in ages, I actually just stole it, and shared it on my blog!!!! Hope you don't mind. I love you bunny!