Saturday, October 27, 2007

Perfect Saturday

The television has become a serious obstacle in my home. The t.v. is a huge temptation to all of us, especially during the day when we are homeschooling, getting chores done, etc. In recent weeks I had been staying up WAY too late at night watching ridiculous programs.

A month ago I made the discovery that I can disconnect the electrical cord from the t.v. I keep it disconnected and we only use the t.v. for watching movies. This has been great. The kids are being so much more creative in how they play with each other, crafts that they do, and our home school life is much more productive. Lee and I were able to watch the t.v. after they are in bed if we want, but even he and I found that reading books or talking to each other is more fun than Top Chef.

Thursday I found a new hiding spot for the cord because I sensed that Laurel had caught on to my usual spot. The last thing I remember is disconnecting the cord... and then nothing. Friday night is traditionally family game/movie night, but last night it was 'help mom find the cord' night. My memory, normally very sharp, is dull when it comes to the best hiding spot ever.

This morning I awoke at 8:30 to hearing Kiley and Laurel laughing in the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen and was so pleased to see the girls sitting at the kitchen table with their breakfast playing our favorite board game, Sequence. Spencer was building towers with his blocks. It was great.

Hello perfect Saturday, goodbye crappy t.v. programming.


  1. I'm so proud of you and your family for not being controlled by the electronic drug...

    The TV is the devil. LOL


    I'm so happy to have it out of our lives. It's like the last three weeks have been detox for the Shepherd family!