Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mountain of Yuck

This is a shout-out to my darling husband! I think he is the best guy in the world (many days out of the year, anyway) but today I think that he should be named King Lee, defender of gentle women.

I woke early this morning to get a head start on laundry. I realized quickly that I was going to need a LOT of coffee. As I rounded the corner from our living room into the kitchen I noticed a disturbing patch of brown in the corner. As I drew closer the smell hit me and I realized that our dog, who ate cat food yesterday, obviously had some upset bowels, which she unloaded in our dining room.

Gross, right?

Well, smells get to me in a way that cause me to gag. Sometimes even just thinking of a smell gets to me. I woke Lee up and said, "If I go get the milk will you clean up the dog stuff in the dining room?" I was banking on two things: a) Lee would not be awake enough to fully understand the agreement, and b) Lee would not want to leave the comfort of our cozy home to step out into the windy, rainy, cold morning.

Good thing I'm not a gambler. He jumped up out of bed and said, "I'll be right back."

Off he went to the store bringing home milk for our children's breakfast.

I was trying not to pout, but dog-gone-it, I did not want to clean that junk up!

He must have known through his perceptive super-powers (or the fact that I was angrily folding laundry while muttering under my breath) because he then said, "If you let me have first shower I will clean up the poop."

I could not believe how wonderful he was. I got the paper towels and other necessary items. I have not heard him shout like that in a really long time. "Oh, PLEASE...this is's's like a giant mountain of yuck!...what does this dog eat...AAAGHH!" All the while I was laughing hysterically, partially with relief that I was not participating in the grossness and partly because he's just really funny.

So, today I am in love with my husband even more because he conquered the Mountain of Yuck and went to the store for milk.

You rock, Lee!

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