Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our Week in Pictures

We've had lots of sick here this week, but lots of fun, too. Here are some highlights.

Greenhouse light came in the mail - may the venus flytraps live!
Our finds in nature this week.

Working on All About Reading...making progress. :)

Liam loves to catch me in candid moments. Does it look like I'm gritting my teeth?

No October is complete without a pumpkin patch visit.

A great time at Bi-Water farm! Photo by Izzie Montgomery.

Corn! Photo by Izzie Montgomery.

A nap was necessary.

I'm best at blurry photos.

My early morning coffee partners.

This boy turned six.

This girl knits, and knits, and knits. Etsy shop coming soon!

Godzilla and I almost conquered the boys' room.

Hope you've had a fantastic Saturday, friends!


  1. Grinning at your pictures and the sweet family times. I used to know how to knit. What does your daughter most like to make?

    Re your comment on my post "What the Engagement Books Never Tell You," Nice to have you here again, Kara. Yes, "the walls, the words, and how to take them all down after they go up." Beautiful. Hard some moments but so worth it, huh? I am thankful for our good men, and for God's great love.

    How are you this week?

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Are you feeling better lately? There are sore throats starting at our house now. :( Oh well. Anything that's not puking isn't too bad, I figure. :)

    Jennifer Dougan