Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday, Monday

Dang, it's Monday already!

I wrote a great post on Saturday that just disappeared. I've got no idea what happened, partly because I still kind of feel like the interwebs are actually magical and there's some kid(s) from Hogwarts who are in charge of making it all work. At any rate, it was a good post and it disappeared and I probably cried about it.

Tried to get a pic of my early morning partner. Too blurry

Then tried to get another. He would have none of it. Still blurry.

I wrote a post yesterday, too, maybe not great, but I wrote it. The day was done and gone before I had blinked. We had church, lunch out together, a quick power clean when we got home. Lots of playing outside. Our crazy dogs escaped the yard not once or twice but four different times. The last time we got them back home the odor coming off of them was so intense I wretched, then I gave them a bath. Why do dogs roll in nastiness? What is fun about that? 

We had a thrown together dinner last night of stuff I found in the fridge. One kid went to a friends house, one kid went shopping with me, two kids stayed with their dad at home for a movie. Then it was dark and we had to go out and check on the blood/eclipsed moon situation every thirty minutes. My husband and I and our older daughter watched Fear the Walking Dead. Anybody else a fan? I cannot explain why but I love zombie shows. I am mildly embarrassed to admit that when I am visiting different buildings I always check out my surroundings to consider whether it would be a good place to hole up in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Ridiculous but true.

I have suspicions that if not kept in check I could become a survivalist. However, my love of good food, a soft bed, and sitting around reading will probably save me from that fate.

It was very late and I was snuggled in bed before I realized I never hit post. You know why? Because I'm a recovering perfectionist.

Anyway, I woke up and it was Monday. How does that happen?

I don't always hate Mondays. We take it slow, putter around and read, go to the library so we can read some more. I usually get mean after lunch if no one is motivated on their own. Today I have only had to be mildly mean to one of my students. We've only had one major sibling brawl, and no one complained about chores. I was a grown up and made phone calls and had things faxed and even fixed my hair (kind of).

These two want in, then they want out. Dorks, but I love them.

There will always be shoes by the front door. They don't care if I cry.

Ooh, and I remembered that I have a date with my hubby tonight. That made the last hour and half of our school day go super fast. Woot woot! (The kids hate it when I do that so now it's a compulsion. I do it in real life, too.)

I am satisfied with this Monday. I can't ask for more than that, right?

Here's to Mondays, taking it slow, and satisfaction.


I didn't mean that to sound dirty since I just talked about date night.


  1. I liked the sunshine pouring over the shoes in the entryway. :) How was your date night? What do you guys like to do for dates?

    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Jennifer, we had a great time. It was much needed. We hadn't been out alone in probably 6 weeks or so. We went for sushi, which is my favorite food, then ran some errands. We were able to catch up on a lot of conversation!

  2. Cute faces - your son and the pups! Good job on date night. It's easy to overlook but so needed. I have never watched a zombie show but one day, a couple years ago, I was shopping in Target and probably about 20 or so (high school or college age) young people all dressed as zombies came swarming through the store. Kids were crying and I have to admit being slightly frightened myself. I mostly knew they were having fun but ya know....