Sunday, October 19, 2014

Enjoy Life

Sometimes, when all you can think about is how messy your house looks, and how much you're messing up everything, and all that you've been procrastinating, and the pile of stuff on your dresser, and Christmas right around the corner, and ISIS, and deadly viruses on the loose... you just need to get away.

Get in your car and drive away from the house that's suffocating your family and forget what all the yelling was about, enjoy the drive, and soon you'll be enjoying each other. Get away from people, and the noise of the world telling you what you should be doing to enjoy life and just enjoy life.


They are much to pitied who 
have not been given a taste
for nature early in life.
~ Jane Austen ~ 



When through the woods
and forest glades I wander
and hear the birds sing
sweetly in the trees,
When I look down 
from lofty mountain 
grandeur and hear the 
brook and feel the gentle

Then sings my soul,
my Savior, God to thee.
How great thou art!
How great thou art!


 Sometimes you need to remember how to smile.

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