Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dream Kitchen

 I am always amazed at how helpful my children are in the kitchen, how they can fend for themselves when I am not home or unable to make them a meal. I love that they can be creative with grilled cheese, pasta, and salads. Their use of peanut butter and a blender is nothing short of artistic.

Nothing short of messy, either.

I lived with a pasta sauce stain on the ceiling of my kitchen for two months before taking action. There was once a bottle of syrup that could not be moved from the counter before pouring boiling water around its base. My kitchen sink has housed turtles, frogs, and 'fossils' (a.k.a. old tires, broken bottles, etc.). My daughters have already learned the fine art of 'letting the dishes soak'.  I kid you not - when we moved 8 months ago I transported cake decorating pieces that were soaking, and had been for weeks. They just recently were cleaned.  I wanted to wait Laurel out to see how long it wold take her. It took her too long.

One day at the zoo I had an epiphany.  While I watched one of the zoo people hose out the jaguar pen after feeding time I thought, "Yes, yes, yes!"

I need a concrete kitchen with two drains in the center, and a kitchen sink with a 6 foot water hose.  I'd like the hose to have a dual action nozzle - spray or steam, please.

I bet there would be no more whining or sudden onset illness when clean up time rolled around. We'd just get the hose out and start to work. Heck, we could get a concrete table with concrete plates that are ATTACHED.  Who needs a dishwasher now?  Just hose those bad boys off and you're ready for the next meal!

Make a mess while cooking?  No problem - hose it down.

Spill some milk at dinner?  Not an issue, we have excellent water pressure.

Somebody doesn't like what's for dinner? 

Just kidding. My kitchen hose would only be used for good.

After the hosing is finished we would just take a broom and push everything to a discreet hole in the floor hidden under the island.

I got that gem of an idea the last time we ate at a hibachi grill.  As I watched the chef, with his fancy onion and egg moves, take his scraper and shove the unwanted material into the hole in the grill I knew what my kitchen was missing.

I shared my dream of a concrete kitchen with my son.

"That would be so cool, mom!  We wouldn't even need a bathroom anymore!"

"What do you mean, Spencer?"  I stupidly asked.

"Well, we'd have the hose for showers, and the drain know!"



  1. We have a stain on our of the kids smacked a spoonful of antibiotics out of our hands and spotted the ceiling. Hugh just looked at it...he's the only person tall enough to reach it. Now, several years later, those polka dots haunt me...

    I like your thinking.

  2. Um... Spencer?

    This is what I admire about you, Kara. You have a way higher tolerance for chaos than I do, and your kids are benefiting from that. I would have such a hard time letting this stuff go, and as a result, I just do all the meal prep myself and my kids don't know how to do any of this stuff. :(