Sunday, January 29, 2012


One Thanksgiving I made the really silly decision to go to the store for a few last minute items. I compounded this mistake by bringing my then 3 year old son, Spencer.  The aisle were, of course, extremely packed. I maneuvered my way to the canned goods aisle with my boy riding shot-gun in the cart. I was debating between the Allen's green beans or the store brand french cut when a smell wafted my way. An unpleasant smell.  All of the adults were politely ignoring the offending odor, but the three-year old was having none of that.

"Hey, mom! It stinks! Did you toot?"  my extremely articulate toddler questioned.

As I saw it I had two choices:

1. Deny the smell was any fault of mine, which would only draw more attention to myself while simultaneously instigating a debate from my kid.

2. Ignore the question causing people to assume that it was me that had released the green cloud that had infiltrated the aisle.

I think that I bantered back, "No, silly boy!" and extracted myself from the 39 people who were crammed into the area, but the damage had been done. I was totally red in the face and cracking up and my kid had shoved both fingers up his nose to plug up his smeller.

I don't know, maybe it was a parenting fail, but it was totally funny.

Anyone else ever had equally awful choices wherein hilarity ensued?


  1. Someone once told me that dish soap in the dishwasher was an equally bad decision but very funny.....

  2. Sarah - it was NOT me. At least not that time. hahaha. Abigail - I was out of dish detergent the other night and ALMOST poured in the liquid dish soap just for giggles.