Friday, October 28, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: Coffee with a good friend. I'll tell you what; this has been a week. I was fed up, burnt out, and low down. I was really feeling like the hamster on a wheel. I knew on Tuesday that something had to give. So I booked a chair at a dear friends house on for Wednesday morning. We burned through a pot of coffee, breakfast casserole and what felt like 3 months of missed conversation. It was so good for me. We talked about parenting, Jesus, and housekeeping. Good stuff!

The Bad: Dishes. Dishes. Dishes. Homeschooling means three meals a day plus a snack (or two or three) a day. That adds up to some dishes. There is nothing I dislike more than an untidy kitchen and that's what I've lived with all week. Homeschooling means three meals and a snack (or two or three) everyday. We clean the kitchen constantly it seems like. I wake up to it shiny and pretty and by golly it's cluttered and splattered every evening by dinner. Keep on keepin' on, right?

The Ugly: Slacking off from discipline. I don't just mean the discipline I implement with the kids. I mean the discipline I need in my life. The discipline to get up at 6 and study the bible; the discipline to stay on top of chores and laundry and schooling; the discipline to exercise; the discipline to go to bed and get off the ding-dong computer.

So, here's hoping for a fresh start and motivation. What made your list this week?

1 comment:

  1. The Good:

    1979 Dracula with Frank Langella. Hubba Hubba!
    Romance with my husband *rowr*
    my pride in him for taking charge of his life.
    Great PT conference

    The Bad:

    My laziness. My house. My kitchen is THE WORST. The laundry never ends. I want to move so I can chuck 70% of what I own.

    The Ugly:

    Really. The kitchen.