Monday, October 17, 2011

All the Signs are There

I'm only 37 but I feel that the aging process is beginning to move at warp speed. I wanted to share some sure-fire signs that I am getting older.

1. I enjoy watching documentaries and PBS. Truthfully, I have always felt that middle age was suited for me because I have always loved these types of shows. Except when I was a teenager and they just put my to sleep.

2. In my free time with girlfriends I find myself discussing where the lowest meat prices in town are. Or coupons, or gas prices. I remember thinking that my parents had to have been the most boring people ever to even know about this kind of stuff, let alone share it publicly.

3. I don't remember what my 'real' hair color is. I really don't. I started coloring my hair in high school, so who knows? My roots tell me that my real color is gray. I used to buy my own hair color at the drug store. I showed Spencer the box and told him my hair would look like the picture on the box. After I rinsed and dried it and came out to let the family approve Spencer announced his disappointment. Apparently I didn't look anything like the woman on the box. Ouch.

4. Upon seeing my wedding photos people comment, "You were so pretty!" with the emphasis on were. The last person that did this got the laser look from me. I have since put all pre-children photos away.

5. I think I'm cool. Discomfort with oneself is really a youthful thing. As I get older the better I feel about myself, or maybe I care less about what other people think. Possibly I'm embracing my dorkiness.

6. I browse on-line for sensible shoes. My search criteria is often for a wide shoe that's water proof. In my defense it does rain a lot here, but the truth is comfort is my main motivation for shoes. No longer am I willing to cram my wide feet into a shoe that looks awesome but kills. So, orthopedic shoes here I come!

7. My daughter saw a silent movie from the 1930's and said, "Wow. I feel sorry that those were the kind of movies you and Dad had to watch."

8. I have facial hair. Seriously. My husband shaved his beard last week and our son (innocently) asked if I was going to shave my mustache. I have made an appointment to have it waxed, rest assured.

9. I walk into a room and forget why I'm in there. Even when it's the laundry room and I'm holding a basket of laundry.

10. I clip coupons for things like Metamucil and Colace and I'm not embarrassed to use them. My Grandma Krieg was b.m. obsessed and I blame it all on her.

Got anything to add to my list?


  1. I would add aching joints to the list!

  2. Take comfort in knowing that after you use your magic lip wax stuff you will look like the lady on the box! Glad to see spencer is as concerned with your facial hair as i was

    I would add you are getting old if going to.bed before 8 more than 3 times a week also makes you old

  3. I think I might be getting old using Roger's standards and yours...

  4. Kate - definitely separated at birth. Shanna - yes, with a sad shake of the head, to aching joints. Roger - I'll let you know how the lip waxing going. ;)

  5. Oh, and Anonymous - it looks like when you FINALLY get to middle age you will also be well-suited!

  6. Oh, please, at your age you should be thinking about how young you are, which is what I do at my age, which is yours plus 30. I must insist that you hang out with a few people older than you, which automatically makes you feel younger. Plus, you can get good advice about raising children, etc.

    Grandma was definitely weird like that. Sorry you caught the gene, but you can get psychological help for that. When we traveled, Mom would get a log of where the hospitals were as we drove. That way she could get us to the nearest hospital should anything go wrong, which was sure to happen. But never did. She would have loved to have a GPS.

    I do remember at work when I was about your age we hired a whole bunch of people just out of college. They kept calling me the "old man" and I found neat ways to get even with them. Then I posted a sign in my office: "Age and treachery always wins over youth and skill." They quit calling me "old man", at least to my face.

    When I get old, I'll let you know.
    And start getting in shape for the ten mile hike in late spring. I'll carry Liam, you can carry Spencer. (I am older, but not old.)

    By the way, middle age does not start until 45 for your generation.

  7. I forgot to add one sorry point (there are others I will let you discover later): my feet are still growing and I now wear a full size larger than I did at 38. I already told you about the nose and ears.