Saturday, September 5, 2009

TV Land

Wow. I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted something on here. I'd love to blame in on my pregnancy, home schooling, or even a decision I made to take a break. But really comes down to is this:

I sold my soul to cable t.v. this summer.

I told myself it was okay, that I was watching shows that bettered my mind, like House Hunters, Clean House, and Design on a Dime. I thought that these shows were spawning creativity in me, that they would help me make improvements around our home. What they actually did was cause me to remain firmly planted on the couch while my home collected clutter and dust. It allowed my children to have free reign around here for a while, and get out of a bedtime routine, because who has time to put kids in bed when you're bettering yourself through cable television.

Then I turned my children over to cable t.v. in order to get my house back in order. I justified allowing them to sit in front of the boob tube for hours by saying that I was getting the house put back together and that when I was finished we would go out and ride bikes.

That never happened though, because when their shows were over then mine came on and the house got messy again. So then I would have to let them watch t.v. in order to get the house back together.

Ridiculous, sick cycle.

So we pulled the plug on cable t.v. We are in week 5 of no cable, and I have to say that the house may not be perfect but it feels better. My soul feels clean. Our children have been far more creative in their play and much better about doing home school. We really missed cable in the first week...we joked that we were going through Disney detox. The pull of Miley and iCarly was almost as strong as Niecy Nash. But we fought the battle and won.

I suddenly find myself thinking about reading, writing, and painting. I find myself decorating our home with things that we already had around here rather than pining for things that are simply too expensive. My husband and I find ourselves talking with each other late at night rather than staring at the t.v. as we flip through channels.

It is awesome to be cable free!


  1. I know! She really is the best! I wish I could pull off a flower behind my ear all the time!

  2. Looks like you beat Cara back to the blogosphere...