Thursday, February 26, 2009


The other day I dropped Kiley off at Scouts and decided to take advantage of having a babysitter. I went to the grocery. I don't know what was going on that day, but I was really out of it. It was a store I had never been in and so I was taking in all the new stuff. I really just wanted to go sit in the car and sleep, but decided that a cappuccino (splurge!) might do the trick. So with my groceries, cappuccino and a USA today I went back to my car.

As I left the parking lot area I realized that I had turned the wrong way down an aisle, but there was nothing for me to do about it. I saw someone I knew and then waved and then continued on my erroneous course. A fellow traveler, who was headed in the correct direction, took it upon herself to shake her finger at me, yell through closed windows, and shoot me mean looks.

I wanted to do many things. I wanted to stop my car and ask her if she really thought I intentionally went the wrong way. I wanted to make her see that I was not a bad person. I also wanted to throw my cappuccino out the window,but was not about to waste that $3 drink!

Then I started laughing. I mean, what was going on in this woman's life to get her this upset over a car going the wrong way down an aisle? Please, God, let me never be so upset that I read people the riot act over such mundane mistakes.


  1. you really have no luck with driving and people. they always seem to get mad at you. remember that one lady that you "yelled" at for walking in front of your car...what were you thinking?!?!?! maybe you should sell your car and just get a taxi!

  2. People in general think that the safety of the car gives them the right to be self rightous. Finger wagging is a favorite.
    I always had the thought of rolling the wagging finger up in the window or even better catching the finger wagger in the express lane with a cart full of groceries and exposing them as the back stabbers they really are. So go ahead and enjoy your cappecino and relish your moments of insanity because finger waggers will never let go and drive the path before them. You didn't walk in front of a car you made your own path and needed a wake up call to hurry on to your destiny. mom