Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after our Christmas break. I planned on focusing on reading, writing, and math for the first two weeks of January. We were able to do this, but we started late almost every day, which causes our school day to run long.

On top of feeling like I'm playing catch up in school I feel like I'm playing catch up on house work, too. I need some motivation!

I tend to not be terribly self-motivated, so this is something that I'm working on. Often times music gets me in the mood, but everything on my ipod seems stale (which is RIDICULOUS since I have like 12,000 songs).

So help a sister out and share some things that motivate you. Please. :)


  1. Wow! That's a tall order. I'm not motivated most days myself!

    Probably the biggest thing that motivates me, though, is thinking of how I'll feel when I walk in my living room first thing in the morning, or after running errands.

    I feel so much better when my house is picked up, so that can sometimes give me the extra energy to pick up the clutter (or declutter!).

    For schooling... if I don't have my stuff in order, then Eve is MIA in 2 seconds, and I have to hunt her down and scold her for taking off when we're still doing school (SOOOOO frustrating!) I hate having that confrontation 5 times a day EVERY day, so that's been my motivation to get my school stuff together ahead of time.

  2. Sarah, that homeschool snapshot is exactly what happens here! Ditto on the frustrating! I got up early this morning and got a lot done, and feel ready to start school in an hour. Of course, we have a beautiful amount of snow, so we may end up out there for a little bit.

  3. Lists. I really like crossing things off lists.

  4. i think you should take on an intern. Maybe Amber would be available to move in and you could "show her the ropes" while really just having someone to do that stuff with you, making it more fun and easier to accomplish. I would also recommend training Pippin to vacuum or scrub toilets and do math.

  5. Bradly is right list,list list. I always am able to accomplish if I write it down. Maybe not in the time frame I wanted but it does happen. Tried your super cooking. Baked chicken,chicken soup AKA ryman soup(erik will eat R soup but not Csoup). Worked great. Teaching is your first priority. Don't go for perfection. Don't let problems rattle around in your head. That only leads to confusion and upset. Keep in mind the ONE thing you need to do now. We are so over stimulated after the holidays that it takes a while to get out of the festive mode and back to real life. Speaking of my real life calls me. MOM Iuse anonymous because I can never remember my username