Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer School

I have declared the next two weeks summer school for my girls. We are going to be working on spelling and math and doing a mini-unit study on bees. They both grumbled at first when I reminded them on Saturday that Monday would begin our summer school schedule. Yet when the day finally rolled around they were surprisingly into it. I daresay that they enjoyed stretching their brains out a bit.

Our spelling curriculum literally takes 15 minutes, and we work 30-45 minutes on math. Learning about the life of bees is something that appeals to them right now, so we are going to start a flower garden to encourage more bee activity. Although thanks to an abundance of clover in our yard we already have quite a few.

I love the lazy days of summer. I love the freedom from constraining schedules but I also love routine. My home suddenly feels more organized and I feel less like a hamster on a wheel and more like someone who gets the job done.


  1. Oh, Kara...

    You're such a summertime scrooge making your kids do school. lol

    Of course you know I'm joking as I'm a year-round schooler. Sometimes I feel like a barbarian for doing that, but ultimately, Eve doesn't have any more school days than the darn public school down the road.

  2. My boys are also fascinated by bees. For a time they both wanted to be beekeepers, probably because they wanted an unlimited supply of honey!

    Go Kara! Those refresher courses sound like a great idea.

  3. This is just silly kara!

  4. This july 28th, winter holidays starts here in Argentina...
    I have to work, but my wife and my 5yo son will spend two weeks together at home, going to the theater and to some shows for kids...
    My son is studying english in the kindergarten since he was 1, so now he know more english words than my wife...

  5. I forgot to sign...

    Regards from Argentina.

  6. Kara,

    Sounds like Marcelo can help the kids with geography! Where is Argentina? How big is it? How long? How wide? And, why, when it so hot here, are they having a winter break?