Monday, January 14, 2008


Our third child, Spencer, came into this world when his sisters were 4 and 6. Kiley, the oldest, was learning to spell. We did a lot of home schooling while Spencer was napping.I began saying, "We'll do that while Spencer's taking his n-a-p," so that Spencer wouldn't feel that he was missing out on anything. True to Pavlovian response Spencer began crying whenever n-a-p was mentioned. He's four and he'll now shout, "NO, not the n-a-p!!!"

What's up with that? I love a nap. In fact, it's 3p.m. and the couch is seducing me like a siren. I fantasize over a good nap. With age comes an appreciation for finer things and I am simply not willing to compromise good quality sleep for crummy sleep (i.e. sleep interrupted by hubby, phone, children, hungry dog, or yowling cat).

After Spencer was born every afternoon I went into a deep sleep that was difficult to come out of. I usually only slept for about an hour but it was that kind of sleep that comes from exhaustion. I would put in a video tape and tell Kiley and Laurel to wake me up after two episodes. As asleep as I seemed, though, I always knew if one of them left the room. I could be drooling out the side of my mouth and suddenly my primal instinct would kick in and I just knew that one of them was getting into the cabinets in search of chocolate. I could tell by the creak of a floorboard who was stealing toilet paper to do God-knows-what with. This ability still amazes my family.

Now I do not nap every day. I cannot imagine what horrors I would wake to. I mean, during my waking hours it scares me what these three kiddos think up. Just today while I was in the laundry room oblivious to their plans. As I walked out twenty minutes later I felt something was amiss. Yes, there was. There had not been a mattress used caddy-corner to the front door housing all of the Shepherd children and every stuffed animal they could fine.

Sadly, I really only get a nap in about once a week. I nap on Fridays and each person in my home knows it. I plan what book I will read. It is something that I look forward to from Saturday on. And I love hearing the kids go, "Quiet, Mom's taking her n-a-p!"

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