Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boy Power

Lee was so happy that we were having a boy. Not because he doesn't love his girls, but because he felt that there might be more balance in this house. Spencer, despite the fact that he has been surrounded by girly-girls all of his life, is very tough. He's going through a monster phase; Laurel took this picture of him growling. His new thing is to wander around in his underwear with a sword tucked down in the band. I love it!

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  1. Hello Kara!!!! It is your long lost friend AmyF. My my my my how your littles are no longer little!!!Eli will be 5yr and Ethan 10 in April!!! Where has time gone??? EJ was dz w/ type 1 diabetic in Sept. Life has changed for us in ways people can not relate!!We are soooo busy!! We would love to hear from you!! Get my c# from Lori. Hey, your little guy is waaaaay too cute!!! He looks like the girls!!!! :) I do miss hearing from you!!!!